I'm Cody Heart—a senior product designer based in New York City. Designing highly complex healthcare systems with empathy, thoughtfulness, and love. 

I originally grew up in Los Angeles and loved creating sports art. Being inspired by professional sports artists that shared their process and developed their own portfolios led me to my initial experience of web design. In middle school, I decided to teach myself design tools and front-end languages in order to launch one of my own. And, while my passion remained with illustration, from that point on, I had the heart of a designer.

In 2011, I moved to the Bay Area to pursue illustration at California of College of the Arts. During my sophomore year, I realized how I approached illustration drew many parallels to design. My best work was always highly process-driven, graphical, and had a clear understanding of the reader.

Upon graduation in 2015, I decided to stay in San Francisco. Finding jobs in operations at companies like Postmates, Twitter, and Cognizant. Being in these various roles guided me to other passions for business, psychology, and the discovery of Product Design. During my last operational role with Cognizant, I took on a career transition into the field. Spending 1,000+ hours over a year and a half to learn the craft before fully making the jump. 

These days, I design enterprise software in complex product areas. Utilizing previous experience to build strong relationships with my product, engineering, and operational peers. Creating simple solutions that are true improvements over existing processes for end-users and exceed key business objectives.

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Senior Product Designer


•  Lead the end-to-end design of our admin intake experience
•  Prototype new behavioral health experiences for executive team
•  Assist in developing foundational design system
•  Partner with our UX Researcher on research plans and lead interviews with internal team members
•  Regularly visit on-site clinics to empathize, observe, and bring insights back to the digital team.

Senior Product Designer


•  Crafted high-quality experiences for complex enterprise applications
•  Maintained strong collaboration with stakeholders across locations
•  Planned, lead, and executed user research studies
•  Generated system-level views of customer experience workflows
•  Prototyped new product areas at multiple levels of fidelity

Product Designer II


• Decreased time on task by 50% across key CX workflows
• Led the end-to-end design of over 45 features for our platform-tools
• Facilitated workshops with CX on future product areas
• Created system architecture and dashboards for Collective Go™

Product Designer I

COGNIZANT • NOV 2018 - DEC 2019 

• Reduced time on task for out of network claim transcriptions by 60%
• Eliminated 40% of manual self-billing processes
• Created a strong partnership with product, engineering, and CX
• Facilitated bi-weekly usability sessions with Customer Experience



2017 - 2018

User Experience Design (1,000+ hours)

California College of the Arts

2011 - 2015

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration | Graduated with distinction


If you'd like to discuss an opportunity or are a designer looking for mentoring sessions say 

If you'd like to discuss an opportunity or are a designer looking for mentoring sessions say

Hello! I'm Cody Heart, a senior product designer based in New York City. Currently working on internal tools at LifeStance Health. 

Hello! I'm Cody — a product designer based in San Francisco

If you'd like to discuss an opportunity or are a designer looking for mentoring sessions say   /   LinkedIn   /   LinkedIn     Calendly   /   LinkedIn 

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